Customer Experts

Freight Forwarding Companies


Shipping agencies use to define international corporations as their sweet spots. Key Account Management targets these big companies and compete in tenders. They aim to be the best and/or offer their services at the lowest price. Tenders drive the prices down. 

In comparison small and medium sized companies are considered to be no business option. Business volume would not justify the initial selling effort.

By working with one of the worldʼs biggest freight forwarders Customer Experts accepted this challenge. We rethought the sales process and came up with a software tailored to make the process more efficient:


Our software has eased the sales process in respect to small and medium-sized companies. It provides clear insight into our clientʼs potentials and makes priorities an easy task.
The software allows our client to look into trade lane data. It transforms our client‘s competitive position into a systematic approach to go for new and promising customers.
To ensure that no existing customer would be contacted the software matches existing and new ones on a regular basis.


Our client has been able to surpass its normal hit ratios in similar campaigns by 200 percent. Sales to medium-sized companies has increased in effectiveness. 

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