Customer Experts

Letter Logistics


State-owned mail and parcel services are struggling to keep up with digital media while the constantly growing substitution makes it even harder to stay on top. 
Customer Experts worked with one of those companies and analyzed the purchasing behaviors of its customers. Our analysis linked their strategies to their communication processes.


Our analyses revealed upselling potentials and identified potential downsides.

The derived knowledge gave rise to a new sales strategy that allowed our client to aim directly at the core of its customersʼ strategies.

Suitable selling arguments helped our client to raise its hit ratios in sales significantly.

Frequent communication among sales persons enabled them to leverage each otherʼs expertise. 


Four out of five sales persons improved relationships to their customersʼ management. They enabled their customers to analyze and improve their sales and market processes. This support in sales and marketing strategies resulted in improved customer service and in 50% higher revenue.

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